Fine Choices for the Best Translations

It is no accident that my students performed Soviet songs beautifully, many of which were translated into Vietnamese. Apparently, the long-standing friendship of our countries is affecting. We remember with what joyful surprise I listened to “Nights” and “Million Scarlet Roses” performed by them. In general, the Vietnamese does not tolerate those who, in childhood, “had a bear in their ear”. Make a visit to and have the best choices.

The Essential

When translating, it should be borne in mind that in each dialect the same word can be pronounced differently. So, the “fork” in Ho Chi Minh City is nĩa, and in Hanoi, dĩa.

  • Geographic names associated with the name of a historical figure, unlike personal names, are written together. For example, the name of the first president of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh, and the city is called Ho Chi Minh City.
  • However, for all regional features, there is an official language that corresponds to the northern dialect (Hanoi dialect). Therefore, if the translator does not know what dialect the text refers to, it should be guided by the official literary language.

It is interesting that in the Vietnamese language there are no sounds [w], [u], [q], and therefore, it is difficult for Vietnamese students at the initial stage of education to distinguish between [w] and [h], [s] and [q]. And when they train these sounds, often comic situations arise. I recall a Vietnamese student who, uttering the proverb “Every rose has thorns,” in the word “roses” said [s] like [w].

Truly English rigor

Words in the Vietnamese language do not change by gender, persons, numbers, cases. Grammatical relations are expressed in a certain order of words, as well as using service words. If you change this order, you get a completely different statement.

  • Moreover, the same word can refer to different parts of speech (verb, noun, adjective) it all depends on its place in the sentence.
  • The structure of the proposal is strict. Formally, it resembles the word order in English – a subject, predicate, addition.


When translating, it is important to take into account that the definition should be after the word being defined (“the flower is beautiful”). But the interrogative words (where? Where? And others) are put by the Vietnamese at the end of the sentence (more correctly, “where is the house?” Rather than “where is the house?”). The translate can be the best choices there.…

Great Choice for the Best Travel Cases

When our destination is located in a different time zone, our internal clock (circadian clock) is disturbed and the famous “jetlag” awaits us! Fatigue, restless sleep and loss of appetite are the most common ailments. When you have diabetes, it is important to be well prepared, especially when the jet lag exceeds three hours. In this case, you should plan an adaptation of your treatment with your doctor, if you are on insulin. Here are 7 good tips for managing jet lag with confidence.

I ask about jet lag

First thing to do: know the time difference between France and the country of arrival. When it is less than 2 or 3 hours, modification of the insulin regimen is, in principle, not necessary. However, you will have to check yourself more frequently. For that the insulin travel case is essential.

I discuss it with my doctor

Regardless of the time difference, it is important to raise the subject with your doctor before the trip. It will help adjust the insulin treatment if necessary (for example, adding a dose).

When the difference is greater than three hours, a change is necessary but it will not be the same depending on whether you are traveling west, you will have to add insulin or east, you will have to take less .

Your doctor will be able to adapt your treatment not only for the stay, but also to approach the return. We will leave with a free spirit.

The day before departure, I relax

In order not to be exhausted as soon as you get on the plane, you must try to rest the day before departure. This implies having prepared your suitcase a few days in advance, to avoid any last minute stress.

Before, during and after the flight, I spare myself

Whether you have diabetes or not, to suffer less from the famous jet lag, it is advisable to rest as much as possible during the flight and not to consume stimulants (coffee, alcohol, tobacco, etc.). Once there, the first day, you should try to limit your physical activity and your exposure to the sun. For the diabetic travel case also the requirement is high.

I take my treatment when necessary

Keep in mind that the body always needs insulin, including between meals. By plane, we think of his fast insulin when the meal is served. When you wear a pump, you make the necessary boluses based on meals and blood sugar.

I only change the time of my watch or my insulin pump once I am there

First, leave your watch at the time of the country of departure and this for the duration of the flight. It is not set to local time until arrival.…

New Pokemon Go and More Options

It will be called “Pokemon Sleep” and the concept is attractive but the details are few: the Pokemon Company, a subsidiary of the Japanese giant Nintendo, announced Wednesday the launch in 2020 of a mysterious game that we can indulge in while sleeping.

  • After hunting Pikachu and other imaginary creatures in real life thanks to Pokemon Go, which has won millions of followers since its release in 2016, “we are now interested in the sleep” of players, said the president of the company Tsunekazu Ishihara in front of the press in Tokyo.

The Japanese company had not directly developed Pokemon Go, but it had collaborated with the American studio Niantic, at the origin of this application on smartphone. Now that the use of the Pokemon go spoof is there, you can have the best tracking options now. Find the essential choice there and that is the reason you can find the perfect characters. The right steps are there for you and that is the reason you need to be specific here. Find your perfection there now.

An accelerometer to track sleep

This time, “our goal is to make sleep an entertainment,” said Ishihara. He did not disclose anything, but what we do know is that it will be accompanied by a portable accessory designed by Nintendo. The “Pokemon Go plus” will be equipped with an accelerometer to track the player’s sleep, data then transmitted to his smartphone via Bluetooth.

Like its elder, the “Pokemon Go plus” which is put on the wrist, it will also make it possible to leave in search of the mythical monsters during the day, before collapsing with fatigue at night, under the watchful eye of Pokemon Sleep, praised the company.

Pokemon madness since 1996

  • The popularity of Pokemon (“pocket monsters”), become icons of world pop culture, has never wavered since their first steps in a video game in 1996 on the legendary Game Boy console, followed by a cartoon broadcast on television and trading cards and trading with friends.
  • The launch of Pokemon Go had resulted in afrenzy. The game is based on augmented reality, a technology that brings up virtual elements in the real world and uses geolocation to allow its users to catch small fictional characters.

Three years ago, the authorities of many countries launched calls for vigilance and recalled the basic security rules in public space, some users taking reckless risks to get their hands on Pokemon.…

Love your dog

A Proper Orientation of the Labradoodle Dog

Doodle, or mix with poodle, seems to be the new dog of the hour. There is no denying that the qualities attributed to them seem to be miracles.

A dog that does not need to be groomed, that is hypoallergenic, does not lose its hair, that is calm , that listens all the time and that is patient with children .

What is a Goldendoodle or a Labradoodle?

A Labradoodle Dog is the mixture of a poodle (toy, miniature or standard) with a dog of another breed, generally indicated in the rest of the name of the mixture. A goldendoodle is therefore a mixture of standard poodle and golden retriever, a labradoodle is a mixture of standard poodle and labrador retriever, a yorkipoo is a mixture of toy poodle and yorkshire terrier and so on.

dog love

The idea, originally, was to create a dog with the hair of the poodle and the personality of the other breed. Many people think, in fact, that by crossing two good elements, we will get a dog that will be the sum of everything we love in the mix.

Unfortunately, genetics is a little more complex than that. Otherwise my brother would be the same as me. You know, like me, he would have had exactly the best of our two parents. What you need to know about Doodle: myths and realities

Are Doodles hypoallergenic?

You should know that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic.In general, people react to the protein secreted by saliva and the skin of dogs. A dog that does not lose its hair, like the bichon and the poodle, is less likely to spread the allergen. Frequent visits to the groomer would also help minimize reactions. It’s nothing magical.

For this reason, some puppies from the crossing of a poodle with another breed can, if they have the right gene for the right fur, be “hypoallergenic”. But not all. A poodle father and a Labrador mother, for example, will make puppies with hair similar to the poodle, hair similar to the Labrador or a mixture of both. The scope will be like a rainbow with lots of variations.

There is no way to guarantee that a dog will be hypoallergenic. Even if we take the purest poodle on the planet, it is possible that a person may have a reaction.

Should Doodles Be Groomed?


At home, Doodles need regular brushing in order to maintain, air and untangle their fur. They also need regular grooming from a professional or they are at risk of felting, knotting, these dogs can also do “Hot Spot” or have skin problems.…