Great Confinement Meals As per the Choices

Since March 16, the time has been in confinement to limit the coronavirus epidemic. In these conditions, how can you continue to eat properly for your health, while taking the least risk possible when facing the Covid-19?

Shopping: group your purchases

It is essential to stay at home during this period of coronavirus epidemic. No more going out if just a little milk or butter is missing, try to do with what you have instead.

On the day of your food shopping, be organized and group all your purchases in a single outing. The ideal is that your movement is as fast as possible. Even if the bread is better at the bakery in the neighboring neighborhood, you have to be reasonable and limit your time out. You will enjoy it later.

When you get home, wash your hands thoroughly, remove any overpacks when possible, clean purchased products with a damp paper towel before putting them away. The responsible bodies also recommends washing fresh fruit and vegetables with clear water, leaving the fresh produce aside for 3 hours before putting it away, and washing your hands thoroughly once the shopping is finished.

Is it less risky to have your groceries delivered to your home?

This system is interesting because it avoids close contact with other people who could be infected. However, stores are organizing to set up systems that limit contact on the shelves and at the checkout as much as possible. The risk is therefore clearly reduced, all the more so since contamination occurs by immediate proximity with a person who has been contaminated for at least several minutes or by postillions.

However, wash your hands well after storing your delivered errands. The virus survives for a few hours on inert surfaces, such as food packaging, and you could be contaminated by contact with your purchases.

Eat a varied and balanced diet

Take advantage of this period of confinement to take the time to cook. Even though the supply may not be as simple, it is quite possible to eat something other than pasta or rice. Use your imagination to prepare your vegetables, whether fresh, frozen or canned. Simple foods such as eggs, yogurt, canned fish can be part of a varied and balanced diet.

  • For lunch: choose starchy foods, vegetables and a source of protein (meat, fish, eggs or vegetable proteins), then a dairy product (yogurt, portion of cheese) or fruit.
  • For dinner, the same thing, but lighter than noon if possible.

Now that you can order the confinement meal  and have it at home, the options are open for you.

Good to know

The quality of food intake plays an important role in the immune status. Eating well undoubtedly allows you to defend yourself better, but, to date, no study has shown that this or that food advice would prevent an infection or a complication linked to this infection. …