Game Graphics and Your Choices

This short course, sets things up for those new to the creation of graphics in video games, not going into the technique, it only aims to explain what are the elements that make a good game. graphically speaking and what are the main techniques used, both for 3d and 2d. Tips and tricks are the key words of the lines which will follow. Make a visit to to know best about game graphics.

A bit of philosophy and additional nostalgia

The first selling point of a commercial video game these days is the graphic quality of the software in question, however while looking good for the gaming video designer is important, he must be constrained to the first element of a game. Video is that it is playable, therefore it is necessary that the graphics of the game go in the direction of improving its playability.

  • When an artist makes a painting, an artwork, finally when he draws with the idea that the image is an end in itself, he only thinks of the beauty of the thing, and for the engineers, only the exactitude geometric counts. But to these first two users of graphics and therefore drawing comes a third, the playful video graphic designer, the one that interests us.
  • When you read video game reviews, what’s the biggest thing the reviewers point out? Gameplay (GamePlay). For good gameplay, the player must be in front of a clear environment where he cannot get lost visually, but above all it is also necessary that the fluidity of the action be preserved, and that there is no slowdowns, the 2d and 3d graphic designer has this thankless task, I admit, of also taking care not to overload the memory of the Computers. The mission of the fun video designer is therefore to be able to make the best possible design while sparing the digestion of processors and graphics cards.

One thing that you need to tell yourself is that in a game the most important graphically speaking, is that the graphics are homogeneous that they match well with each other and that they are clear. And in general that’s enough to make a good game, the graphic flair is on top of that, but if you already have the consistency and clarity, you’re sure to catch the eye.

The 2D Graphic Designer

A sprite board (strip) from The People’s Sprites

In a 2d game, the sprites are the moving elements, which represent, the animated sets, the characters, the shots, the ammunition packs etc. in fact all that is “small”.

In French, if we translated it, it would mean “sprites”, the sprites are generally drawn on a transparent background. In Game Maker the transparency color, that is to say the one that will be erased, is defined by the color of the first pixel of a sprite, the one at the bottom, at the far left (Southwest for geographers). These sprites, are images that will add to the scenery, as part of the game, but I think you got that.…