Finer Solutions for the Pipe and Drainage Solutions

So that the pipes and drains of a home are always in good condition, it is advisable to carry out various maintenance tasks. To keep the pipes in shape, in many cases it is enough to clean them periodically with a specialized cleaning product. And if the house is in a community of neighbors, you can hire the services of a specialized company to thoroughly clean all of the blocks periodically. But to disinfect the drains you don’t have to. You can do it yourself.

With this measure, you will not only get the drain to swallow better and you will avoid blockages that obstruct the passage of water and break due to accumulation of waste. You will also be able to eliminate the bad smells that sometimes the sink and the bathroom give off. And you will keep away some types of insects that can appear around drains, such as cockroaches.

How to disinfect the drains in a house

To disinfect a home’s drains, you don’t need to invest in expensive chemicals. In fact, it can be carried out with items that can be found in many supermarkets or drug stores. For example, baking soda and vinegar. Mixing these two elements not only achieves a thorough disinfection. It can also eliminate the not very strong clogs that may be in the drains. The plumber thousand oaks are the best choices there.

The Process of Disinfection

To disinfect with both elements you need half a glass of each, plus a pot of boiling salted water. Also, it is necessary that some time has passed since the sink was last used. You have to first add the bicarbonate and then the vinegar. After a minimum of 20 minutes, pour the salted water down the sink to wash away dirt, germs and the clogging principle that was in the drain. You can also disinfect the drain with vinegar mixed with hot water. Of course, in this case it will only be effective for disinfection. It does not serve to unblock.

Bathroom Draining for you

In the case of bathroom drains, if blockages are observed, it is necessary to locate the lid of the siphon bottle. It is a metal circle screwed to the ground, and it is enough to lift it to access the pipes. In many cases, the origin of the jam will be seen with the naked eye as soon as it is lifted, since the remains of daily cleaning, such as hair or paper, can be retained in it. Once removed by hand, the jam is usually cleared. It will only be necessary to put in the toilet some disinfectant product of those that are usually found in the supermarket. To disinfect the sink drain, just do the same as in the case of the sink.

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