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When our destination is located in a different time zone, our internal clock (circadian clock) is disturbed and the famous “jetlag” awaits us! Fatigue, restless sleep and loss of appetite are the most common ailments. When you have diabetes, it is important to be well prepared, especially when the jet lag exceeds three hours. In this case, you should plan an adaptation of your treatment with your doctor, if you are on insulin. Here are 7 good tips for managing jet lag with confidence.

I ask about jet lag

First thing to do: know the time difference between France and the country of arrival. When it is less than 2 or 3 hours, modification of the insulin regimen is, in principle, not necessary. However, you will have to check yourself more frequently. For that the insulin travel case is essential.

I discuss it with my doctor

Regardless of the time difference, it is important to raise the subject with your doctor before the trip. It will help adjust the insulin treatment if necessary (for example, adding a dose).

When the difference is greater than three hours, a change is necessary but it will not be the same depending on whether you are traveling west, you will have to add insulin or east, you will have to take less .

Your doctor will be able to adapt your treatment not only for the stay, but also to approach the return. We will leave with a free spirit.

The day before departure, I relax

In order not to be exhausted as soon as you get on the plane, you must try to rest the day before departure. This implies having prepared your suitcase a few days in advance, to avoid any last minute stress.

Before, during and after the flight, I spare myself

Whether you have diabetes or not, to suffer less from the famous jet lag, it is advisable to rest as much as possible during the flight and not to consume stimulants (coffee, alcohol, tobacco, etc.). Once there, the first day, you should try to limit your physical activity and your exposure to the sun. For the diabetic travel case also the requirement is high.

I take my treatment when necessary

Keep in mind that the body always needs insulin, including between meals. By plane, we think of his fast insulin when the meal is served. When you wear a pump, you make the necessary boluses based on meals and blood sugar.

I only change the time of my watch or my insulin pump once I am there

First, leave your watch at the time of the country of departure and this for the duration of the flight. It is not set to local time until arrival.

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