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Great Options for the Proper Disinfection in the Food Industry

It is not “bye eye”
that we guarantee the good performance of a disinfectant in the food
industry.Primordial phase of the proper functioning of a production chain and
quality guarantee: The disinfection stage must not be left to chance.Depending
on the sector of activity, certain disinfection products have an additional
guarantee of effectiveness brought by the approval of the Ministry of
Agriculture and Fisheries. With Clean4Less you can have the best option.

Standards to measure effectiveness

  • Standards can be considered as certifications
    measuring the effectiveness of a disinfectant under certain conditions.
  • Determining the strains / microorganisms and
    therefore the spectrum of activity of the disinfectant: bactericide, fungicide,
    virucide, etc. is essential.
  • The contact time must also be defined to know
    when the disinfectant is effective and thus avoid any risk of contamination.

The temperature of the medium and the other substances in contact can interfere with the effectiveness of the disinfectant, which is why it is important to understand what the annotations mean “in clean conditions”, or “in dirty conditions” or “in presence of hard water ”and specify the test conditions, the action time and the dirt / cleanliness conditions.

Clean And Neat

What are the standards to remember?

There is a difference between
basic and application standards.The application standards specify the
conditions of effectiveness of the disinfectant for a given use.

What are the important approvals?

The marketing authorizations
which are granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries guarantee the
effectiveness of the disinfectant under real conditions of use and according to
the indications for use.

A guarantee of efficiency

The approval of disinfectants for
the treatment of premises and equipment for harvesting, transport and storage
of products of animal and / or plant origin is compulsory in the food industry.

The coronavirus continues to be
talked about. Between concerns about it and reasons for hope of seeing an
effective treatment emerge, many questions remain.

The best reflex to have to
protect yourself is to demonstrate good hand hygiene in particular, but not
only! Being able to resist for several days on a surface such as wood,
cardboard or plastic, the coronavirus can therefore invite itself into your
home in many ways. This is why it is important to carry out regular maintenance
of your interior in order to minimize the risk of infection.

Bleach, a weapon against the coronavirus

Bleach is one of the means known
to date for effectively eliminating the coronavirus in the context of a home
maintenance. Its disinfecting properties prove to be very effective in
neutralizing germs while sanitizing your interior against other threats.

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