The Best Choices for the Instagram Accounts for You

Instagram continues to evolve. Applying photo Facebook unveiled the new version of its private messaging Tuesday 1st September. Instagram Direct, that’s its name, has actually existed since 2013 but has taken a new turn in the fall of 2015. The idea? Be able to send photos, videos, messages and even recommend content from other subscribers. Previously, only sending a photo or video was possible on this relatively unknown service despite the popularity of this photo application. The use of the instagram account creator is important here.

Recommend content privately

You may have noticed the appearance of an arrow under the photos posted by your subscribers. This represents the main evolution of Instagram on the last update. It allows you to forward content to one or more of your subscribers, without anyone noticing. The recipient then receives a private message with the chosen content. In short: a heart to like, a bubble to comment, an arrow to recommend .

Don’t panic, however, for users with private profiles. If someone wants to share and recommend your content, only your followers will be able to find out. The others will receive a private message telling them that the photo is “unavailable” because the private account.

While some fear the death of blogs because of Instagram , we can also take the opposite view and think that it is a great way to promote your blog and grow your community. 5 tips for using this social network intelligently when you are a blogger.

Share your articles

One of the first uses of bloggers on Instagram is obviously to promote their content . Very often, the custom is to post a photo present in the article and to mention in the caption (or the tags) the publication of this new article.

However, Instagram does not currently allow posting of clickable links in photo captions. However, nothing prevents you from inserting the link of your blog (or your last article to be more direct) in your profile description, accessible from your profile.

The blogger do not hesitate to fill in the direct link to her last article in her profile description.

Plan your publications

Although Instagram was originally designed as an aesthetic way to capture moments of everyday life, many bloggers plan their posts, either by storing photos for later posting or by using dedicated tools (like Latergram for example).

To generate a maximum of interactions, the ideal is to post your photos between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. in the morning and 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the evening. However, do not hesitate to test and take a look at your statistics on Iconosquare.


Use hashtags

Remember to accompany your photo with as many hashtags as possible. It is indeed with hashtags that users find publications related to their areas of interest, especially if these are very specific areas.

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