The Best Feeling With the Santa Letter

The office of Santa Claus is open until mid-December. Address, model, online version or by mail. Here is the useful information to send your letter to Santa Claus 2020.

Letter to Santa Claus 2019

The easiest way to order gifts is to write a letter to Santa Claus. To do this, two solutions, specifies in the post company: sending by paper mail or online. Don’t worry, your letter to Santa Claus will arrive from the moment it is addressed to Santa Claus. Do not forget to add your name and address to the back of the letter so that it is possible to reply to you.

Send a letter to Santa

There is no need to add a stamp, whether red or green, to your letter to Santa Claus: the santa letter service of sending to the man with the white beard and the red hat is free. However, it is quite possible to add a stamp on the card or on the envelope: it will look more like a “big” card and Santa Claus will no doubt be happy to be able to enrich his collection of stamps! What should not be forgotten, however, is to write your full name and address on the back of the card to receive the response from Santa Claus.

Letter by mail

To write a handwritten letter written as politely as possible (Santa Claus is apparently very sensitive to distinguished expressions and beautiful handwriting), with drawings or not (although this is recommended), before placing it in a letterbox by simply mentioning “Santa Claus”, you can take inspiration from online sample letter to Santa Claus. Whatever address is indicated, it will be processed by the postal services). However, everyone knows very well that the real address of Santa Claus is: “Path of the clouds, North Pole”. Don’t forget to put the sender’s on the back of the letter!

Online letter

Second solution so that Santa Claus receives a small message: write to him by Internet. There are platform online for this. By filling in some data on his own address, the old man may well take a few minutes to write an answer and allow you to have happy holidays. In the meantime, it is possible to take a look at the real village of Santa Claus, or to prepare now your greeting cards to send by email or social networks for all those close to him (and it’s free!). Note that Santa Claus responded to 1.28 million emails last year. When you know all the work Santa has to accumulate in this month of December, you can only take your hat off to him. On the other hand after December 17, the old man devotes himself only to his tour and, before that, to the preparation of his reindeer. He then no longer processes his mail.



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