The Smart Handling of the E Commerce Platform

Whatever the trajectory of this
consumer, the research procedures must be intuitive, so that he can filter the
products according to his interest and know the options available in your store
and thus make a well-informed purchase.

Distribution of products by category

Another feature that promotes
visitor navigation is the distribution of products by category.In the case of
an online clothing store, it is much easier for consumers to find, for example,
a dress if the items are gathered in a specific menu, instead of having to look
at all the items in the store. This situation is further exacerbated if the
user purchases from a mobile phone. You can go through the Salehoo
and if you find the directory satisfying, then go for it.

One click purchase

Most people choose to buy online by virtue of being able to shop without leaving home, work or public transportation, which saves them time, avoids waiting in stores and flee the queues at the time of payment.

Just like in a physical store,
people do not have much patience and do not like to wait on the Internet, the
process of buying your e-commerce must therefore be automated and simple, so
that the buyer makes his purchase quickly and get distracted and eventually
give up the product.

The great advice: limit yourself to asking for basic contact
information if you are dealing with a new customer. In the case of regular
customers, keep a duly backed up register to reduce the volume of actions in
the transaction.

Product suggestions based on previous purchases

This feature is not only useful
for providing a more complete shopping experience to customers, it also
increases your average basket. In other words, it’s a win-win relationship,
where the customer wins, because they can discover other items that add value
to the product they’ve already bought, and you also win, because you have the
opportunity to make more sales.

SEO tools

To be spotted by new customers,
your e-commerce must be placed at the top of organic search results, since 33%
of people click on the first page of the list of results. This means continuous
optimization work that “shows” to the search engines that the content
on your page is relevant to the thousands of users who search every day.

This work will be easier if your
platform already has basic SEO tools. In addition to an attractive visual, your
online store should offer text formatting options, user-friendly URLs and easy
integration with tools like Google Analytics.

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