What Kind of Organic Baby Formula You Need

More than a fad, organic has been able to convince of its many benefits for several years, especially when it comes to feeding babies.

Advice from the pro

In the small jars section, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around as the offer is so large. And as a young parent, as we know, you inevitably put pressure on yourself when your baby begins to diversify in food and you want to offer him the best to awaken his taste buds. If there is a first selection that you can make among the many choices in store, it is the small organic pots, and we explain why. The top organic baby formula happens to be effective here.

Organic is better for your health

First advantage, and not the least, the small organic pots will allow baby not to ingest chemicals contained in pesticides and fertilizers – a real plus for everyone, but even more for the fragile digestive system because it is in full development. of your child.

Organic, unprocessed fruits and vegetables will also be richer in antioxidants and nutrients like iron, magnesium and zinc, which will allow babies to be full more quickly and promote growth. Organic meat, milk and eggs will also contain more essential fatty acids such as omega-3, the allies for good brain development.

Organic tastes better

You will surely have already noticed that fruits and vegetables from organic farming offer us a more pronounced taste, flavors as if exalted, which add pep to our plates. Nothing better to motivate baby to try new foods, to venture into new textures, when the reward of taste is there every time whether he appreciates it now or a little later.

Organic helps to learn flavors

The small organic jars not only have more taste but they also allow your children to learn to distinguish between different flavors, because they do not contain artificial flavors (the only one allowed being ethyl vanillin) or additives. It is Ideal in this crucial period of food diversification. You won’t find any colorings there either, so your baby will learn to recognize the correct color of each food.

And don’t think that you will have less choice when it comes to the recipes offered by organic brands: you can easily vary the pleasures with essential fruits and vegetables such as apples, pear, carrot and potato, and other more original associations, to adapt to baby’s tastes.


Small homemade dish or small dish bought?

You have time to cook and prepare good little purees for your baby with the organic vegetables you bought at the market. Perfect.


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